Life On The Road

With Mark Keathley and his wife in Pigeon Forge TN.

With Governor Tommy Thompson and Ken Berg

2015 Musicians Care Concert Artists

     With Presidential candidate Ted Cruz

    With Lyndell Cooley in Ohio singing.

With my wife Anne and Leroy Butler from the Super Bowl winning Packers team.


Thanking Michael W Smith For His Church Hosting The 2016 Musicians Care Concert.

At Oceanway Studios (Nashville) with Steve Mauldin


Proud of my family. My wife and I with our 3 Air Force sons.

My family at the Alamo-San Antonio TX.

The Scriptures that are hanging on the wall of Ardens Church-Primm Springs TN

2016 Musicians Care Concert Artists

My wife Anne and I at an event.

In Nashville with Steve and Debra Mauldin, Jack Pearson, and Dave and Heidi Maddenburg and my wife Anne.

With Alveda King the niece of Dr Martin Luther King. She sings and ministers and loves the Lord passionately.

Enjoyed meeting Laura Story. Please keep her in prayer as her new album releases in a couple of
Days. Her music comes from the heart and has touched many facing hardships.

With Dr James Dobson

Danny Gokey with Gene and Anne Schmidt